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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Sunday greetin’s from Home Sweet CasaK, Wheelizens!

Mac --

Thanks for posting those images. I’m gonna have a look at them from my desktop later since my eyeballs cain’t see ’em too good on my 13″ laptop. Sorry that pallet system didn’t put a lot more $$$ into your wallet. 🙁


Got back to ATL at 10:25 last night; I’m extra-glad to be home, as this particular JimCo project was the toughest one evar by a long measure. (I’m not counting the one where we were set-up for insurance fraud, as we didn’t complete that much actual work.)

This project isn’t quite done, but I reckon it will be by Wednesday. (We had to delay the start at the last minute -- after I was already in L.A. -- due to stupid HOA Board politics.)

The roof itself ought to be watertight sometime tomorrow and then there are a couple of days of cosmetic details for a few guys. After which I hope we never have to return to that hellsite for the rest of our lives.

It was non-stop stress from literally the first hour of work on the first day. A combination of very poor site logistics (from a re-roofing standpoint), dumb parking practices permitted by the Association, lousy original 1965 construction of the roof deck, a high percentage of homeowners who are unreasonable assholes (mostly old Russian Jooos and a few Israelis) and utter shit previous roofing work by others.

Plus the fact that -- due to CA’s asinine “pandemic” policies -- most residents were working or attending school from home…or simply there all day because they’re retired.


That said, the Board President and Vice President were pretty nice to deal with and the property manager knows it’s a “difficult” property. There was also a “kid” named Jamie (~30 y.o. with a young family) who’s an aspiring screenwriter and their informal handyman. He’s also a serious math and physics geek and fix-it guy with enormous “institutional knowledge” of this place.

Jamie’s also a very decent, kindly human being and was an enormous help in reducing this project from “nearly impossible” to “exceedingly difficult”. Jim and I don’t know how we could have gotten through this one without his cheerful and understanding assistance on a daily basis. (At the conclusion of this project, he’ll be getting an Amazon gift card in an amount that Jim and I hope will be a very pleasant surprise.)


Aside from unpacking, it is my intention to do fark-all today.

I didn’t get to see any friends or family while I was out there. Didn’t have the capacity to do anything on the weekends aside from -- unsuccessfully -- try to relax teensy bit. OTOH, thanks to the JimCo Stress Diet, I probably lost another ten pounds this trip like I did on the previous one. Winning!!1!

Paddy O'Furnijur, Fascista Ubriacone
Paddy O'Furnijur, Fascista Ubriacone
2 years ago

A blessed Sabbath, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Mac, and Fatwa!

Fatwa -- it’s good to “see” you again! Glad you made it home safely and that you are (mostly) done with that project. I’m always amazed that people can be such arseholes, but that’s my own weakness.

Mac -- thanks for the brochure and the explanation. When I read the brochure a light went off and I knew what you were talking about. Two ten-thousandths repeatability? That’s impressive! I can imagine seeing your system at NEPCON West when I attended in the late 80’s -- early 90’s.