Friday Night Lights (Lighthearted, Lightheaded, Light-in-the-loafers, etc.)

It’s Caption Time once again!

As promised, I can tell you all that KATE was the winner of last week’s caption contest. Congratulations, KATE! You won a fabulous all-expenses paid lunch for yourself and two guests at the Mexican restaurant of your choice (restaurant must be within the Happy Larry-ville cosmopolitan area)!

This week in captioning, we are examining our national navel. That’s right; somewhere under all that lint is the answer to the age-old question: What is wrong with you?!

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Angry that America wantonly squandered much of the world’s limited eyeliner supplies on KISS productions

The management wants for you all to know that Teh Wheel is a safe adult perfectly good place to reflect, confess and/or apologize to the world by CAPTIONING THAT!

(Or, you can caption the images below. ‘s all good, here at the safe adult Wheel.)

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This Couple (who are not BrendaK and Fatwa, so just shut yo’ mouf!) Studied Up For This Exam

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Will NOT Be Examining Anyone’s Navel

Big Bang Balloon

So, I’ve been thinking about dark matter. No, not that dark matter, though I can see why you might assume I think about that.

Astronomers have said that galaxies are moving away from each other at an increasing rate. Physicists say that there must be something, dark matter, pushing them apart. Everything I read says that galaxies are being pushed apart. Being a contrary sort of person, it got me thinking. What if they are being drawn apart rather than pushed. In other words, the galaxies are gravitating to something else.

What else? Here’s a thought. We know that at the earliest point in the big bang there were particles traveling faster than the speed of light. That according to current calculations at much as 75% of pre-big bang matter is missing, hence the term dark matter. Scientists seem to think that the missing matter is all around us but cannot find it.

What if all the dark matter was at the edge of the universe? That the universe is rather like a balloon and that the galaxies are gravitating toward that mass at the edge. That the oldest galaxies may have already been ensnared by the edge of darkness increasing its mass and gravitational pull.

This might also explain the big bang. The edge of darkness begins to increase in mass, this mass has the effect of pulling in the edges of the universe ensnaring more galaxies. The process continues until the edge of darkness has so much mass that it rapidly collapses. Until, big bang n.

What do you think? Remember, you do not have to be a scientist to think about things.

Wednesday’s Waning Warbles

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