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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist


Sorry, Gerbiliños -- that’s all I’ve got at present. 😉

Hope all y’all have a Jerry-riffic day, ’cause you just know he’s gonna.

Paddy O'Furnijur
10 years ago

Happy Monday, Gerbil Nation!
Yes, I haz teh day off!
Good morning, Fatwa!

I know y’all don’t care much for the Olympic games, but in this household we love ’em -- especially the Winter Olympics. This morning we’re watching curling -- Denmark v. Russia and Canada v. Switzerland. We have a friend who is on a curling team and have actually been curling. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

Anyway, y’all have a Jerrie-ific day, ‘cuz you just know he will.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist


Just went to pick up a handful of items at Walmart and Publix; the crowds were like on the first Saturday of teh month because ICEPOCALYSE 2014, Part Deux!!aieeeeeeee11! Customers were buying utterly preposterous amounts of basics given the expected magnitude of this “severe weather event”.

Could have easily gotten all of the Walmart items into a hand basket, but they don’t have them. As such, I had to navigate a horde of waddlebutts pushing carts overloaded with multiple family-sized boxes of Fruity Pebbles, tanker cars’ worth of milk, 12-pack upon 12-pack of Mountain Dew and orange soda and cases of freakin’ Kraft Mac & Cheese.

Pretty much Misanthropy 101 for any reasonably thoughtful person who is not yet as jaded totally hateful as I am. 😉

The governor and ATL mayor are claiming to be better prepared this go-round; we’ll see…

They’ve already banned semis from entering north Georgia, which is definitely a good idea.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Hai, Paddy!

It’s a lot harder than it looks.

Given the inertia of a heavy object on ice, I’ve always presumed that to be the case. But I still think the sweepers look kind o’ silly.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist
Reply to  Mac

Hiya, Mac!

I’ll have to check out the music from last night; glad you mentioned it.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Asalaam al KABOOM!!1!

BAGHDAD — A group of Sunni militants attending a suicide bombing training class at a camp north of Baghdad were killed on Monday when their commander unwittingly conducted a demonstration with a belt that was packed with explosives, army and police officials said.

I’m gonna take a wild guess that amongst his last words, he did not say, “Here…hold my beer!”

Twenty-two ISIS members were killed, and 15 were wounded, in the explosion at the camp, which is in a farming area in the northeastern province of Samara, according to the police and army officials. Stores of other explosive devices and heavy weapons were also kept there, the officials said.

Not a bad body count for an accident; moar, please.

10 years ago

Good afternoon from the breezy and chilly Central SE Texas prairie!

We’ve apparently got ice pellets on tap for tomorrow -- I’m pretty sure I have enough supplies in the house to make it through a day or so on the homestead. And as far as the local news is concerned, no school or road closings -- yet.
Who knows what will develop overnight?

And hey, WeatherNation, which is DirecTV’s replacement for the Weather Channel (DirecTV dumped that Goreball Warmening BS, thank G-d) finally got the “local forecast” gizmo working. So we’ve got every possible way of getting the latest weather “news”.

Other than that, I got nuthin’.

Happy Birfday, 5/7, Kaaaaaate-y!

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist
Reply to  X_LA_Native

Criminy…I forget it’s still K8-E’s birfday week; Happy V/VII!!

TeX --

We’re expecting ice pellets tomorrow as well. (Mebbe Fruity Pebbles and Mountain Dew help melt ice?)

For weather online, I quite like http://www.wunderground.com/

While it takes a bit of learning to navigate, it provides good live local detail (including a selection of local instrument clusters) and a wealth of historical data for a given location.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Ooooh…some big excitement ’round here. There was a lunchtime shooting at the Kroger closest to us which put two folks in the hospital and there’s at least one azzhole in custody. While info’s still spotty, there’s a good likelihood the argument which (allegedly) preceded the shots was over food.

We rarely ever go to that particular location as it was clear to me after relocating from OH that it’s a dumping ground for aging dairy, produce and “Use or freeze by 4:17 p.m. today” meats.

Also demographics. (Hate having to say that, but it’s reality.)

10 years ago

I told my self yesterday morning that one of the nice things about my birthday is that its arrival means the worst of winter is over. So all the bad weather on our horizon is, indeed, my fault. Sorry, y’all.
I did join the masses at Krogers today but only to buy cabbage and potatoes for a Funeral Luncheon tomorrow; I’m usually well stocked in the Vice Provision Dept. BTW Kroger’s cabbages were puly and expensive. Nam Dae Mun’s were much better. and 40 cents a pound cheaper.
2 likely scenarios for our latest Winter Storm: 1) everyone prepares, stays home and the storm misses. Northerners laugh at the South for being paranoid. 2) everyone prepares, stays home, storm is real, not much happens because everyone stayed home, Northerners laugh at South for being paranoid. At least in scenario 2 I get a day or 2 off from work.