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10 years ago

Re: teh thread .gif -- I know that feeling. Standing at the sliding glass door, looking into the living room and seeing both cellphones on the floor -- “Oh no…..”
There is no Brody, only Zuul.

Good Morning EveryGerbillyBody from the still-Spring-like Central SE prairie!

After four or so years, we finally got around to replacing the swinging bench that was out by the pond -- Sid and Nancy destroyed it in some fit of bovine pique:

$49 at Home Despot for materials, and I literally tripped over the armrests in one of the many scrap piles in the shop (and my boss-boss was wondering when Mr. X was going to get around to cleaning the shop…silly):

It all worked out very nicely and uneventfully. Until…
Mr. X went back out to finish a couple of things, and I’m out on the screenporch (within earshot, out of eyesight, and I hear a lot of banging and cursing. This is norml.
And ‘den I hear the guttural, loud, panicked, “HONEY!!!!!!”
I run out, “What?!”
“This snake was in the shop and I shooed him out, and I thought he was a rat snake, but it’s a copperhead, and I’ve got him trapped with the only piece of wood that had a knot hole at the bottom the size of his neck! HELP!!!!”
Grabbed the shovel nearby, and dispatched said snake (which is now hanging on the fence out front per local folklore that dictates it will bring rain).

Poor Mr. X … he *just* can’t get the copperhead pattern to “read” in his head. For some reason, as when he’s out back splitting wood or whatever, I’ll approach him from the front, start waving from 50 yards out and I STILL scare the hell out of him. Peripherally, his brain doesn’t read me as “threat” so he discards the information about an approaching being. With copperheads, it seems like they all “read” rat snake (non venomous) in his head.

Other than that, I got nuthin’. Coffee anyone?

Paddy O'Furnijur
10 years ago

Good morning, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, TeX!
Thanks for the coffee! I’m running slow this morning and can surely use it.
Loved the stories!

Today starts 6 days of weirdness in re federally-mandated testing. For the next two days I’ll either be giving 10th graders a test or baby-sitting other students. Then, I’ll be missing some portion of my 11th graders over the next 4 days -- I guess they can just get caught up on their own.

Paddy O'Furnijur
10 years ago

Day one of testing complete: 7 students showed up for my zero period, 31 students tested during 2nd, and three students showed up for my 4th period AP Chem class.