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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Sure Happy It’s Thursday, GN!

You’ll find a little something extra with your coffee and donuts this morning:

Paddy O'Furnijur
9 years ago

Sure Happy It’s Thursday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Fatwa! I hope your back is feeling better.
That Tim Horton’s coffee mug (“Toujours Frais”) reminds me that TJ’s now stocks frozen poutine -- the cheese curds and gravy come in separate pouches. It just might be worth a try.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Hai, Paddy --

Back’s doing somewhat better today; t’anks. But teh meds have made me logier and more depressed than usual.

Last night as BakingBeautyK was preheating the oven to make some corn bread, we had a lesser -- as BroLærge phrased it -- “Arc Welder of Zuul.” At least this one quit when the oven was shut-off, unlike last time when I had to pull the breaker. (And replace the stove.)

Took some schlepping to acquire a replacement baking element; Lowe’s and Home Labyrinth don’t stock them; ditto the Sears Appliance Outlet. Wound-up going to an Ace Hardware that also sells large lumber and feed supplies -- which should tell you it was not conveniently located to CasaK.

*Cue Flatt & Scruggs music*

I should add that during removal of the old element, one of the wires which clips onto it *sproinged* out through the back wall of the oven and insulation due to almost no slack whatsoever. So installation required pulling the oven completely out of its niche, and removal of the razor-edged back panel from the oven to reset the wire, too.

Glad I had able assistance from ToolUserK. 😉

Finally got the element in and tightened, the whole finger-chopping back panel buttoned-up and scooted the stove back into the niche; gave me a little trouble getting the left rear leg into the floor-mounted bracket which keeps the danged thing from tipping forward but I finally finagled it. Turned the breaker (which we’d pulled ’cause I don’t screw around with 220v) back on and the new element seems to work properly.

However, the whole endeavor was not salutary for my lower back; I’ll be hopped-up on goofballs again tonight. Oh, well…glad to have ’em, much as I really don’t enjoy taking them.

Off to groggily assemble burrito-ish ingredients from the fridge and nuke the sucker.

*poo-f*…to likely be followed later by *poo-t* 😉

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Just occurred to me that we should have a National Repeal Day, where once a year, Congress has to remove at least 25 carpy federal laws (and not be permitted to replace them).