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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist
7 years ago

Creeped-out compliments from Happy Larryville, GN!

Wonder if any of them were from a person named “Abby Normal”:

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The University of Texas at Austin is missing about 100 brains — about half of the specimens the university had in a collection of brains preserved in jars of formaldehyde.

I blame pickle-loving zombies. Or RabBeet.

In other news, the U.S Senate is also missing about 100 brains.

One of the missing brains is believed to have belonged to clock tower sniper Charles Whitman.

Be on the lookout for a monster shambling about and muttering, “Friend good…Remington 700 better.”

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist
7 years ago

You work six long years, and whaddaya get
Another eight trillion dollars in debt
Our fiscal health’s an awful mess
We owe our souls to the IRS

Paddy O'Furnijur
Paddy O'Furnijur(@jwmorgan)
7 years ago

Happy cloudy, drizzly Wednesday, Gerbil Nation!
Now with moar lost brains!
Good morning Fatwa!

8 trillion dollars? Can I put that on the installment plan? I’m a little short of cash right now.

Sven 2-0
Sven 2-0(@sven)
7 years ago

Good evening from still soggy SoCal!

I see we are in for another treat in the ongoing national dialogue on race. Lucky us.