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8 years ago

Up too early O grabbin’

8 years ago

Well, for someone who spent most of yesterday nappin’, I guess I’m not up all that early.

Paddy, your brother ‘Richard’ sounds just like his name about the house. I thought BW and I had it bad with her sisters’ lack of participation. I see now that it could have been worse.

Sunday, we went over to TMP for a few hours. The carpet guy finally cleaned the patio off. It looks pretty good. They also liberated the giant home depot bucket that BW uses to prime the pump when she backwashes the pool. Oh, well, They could have done worse. They probably filled it with debris and thought it was theirs.
I got the last load of lava rocks and pretty much gave up on hand edging the cactus garden. I put round-up on the weeds instead.
Through some miscues over the weekend, Sean the apprentice electrician didn’t come over Sunday. He is supposed to come over after he gets off work tonight and do the closet lights & another ceiling fan removal/light replacement today.
I’m hoping his boss, the electrician comes today to repair other lights and ground the AC. He has a key to come and go. We didn’t go over there yesterday, but I doubt he was there since we haven’t heard from him about payment.
Really, all we have left to do is some inside mopping before Bob the realtor can take pictures and let it rip on the internet.

Of course, the weekend wouldn’t be complete without some weekend drama from WG in jail, wanting money. His best friend had his money & didn’t take it to him& wouldn’t answer phone calls from ZS. So BW took money to Sis to take to the jail. I was furious with her all day. Seems he borrowed money from other guys & she was afraid he would get beat up if he didn’t pay. ZS lied & said she “didn’t have a penny” when I know that her check came that day. BW is too tender hearted with the leeches because they are “family”. Funny, they are only family when they want money. They ignore us the rest of the time. Oh well, that will probably never change, but the amounts of “help” she has given them has lessened tremendously from when we first met. So I am grateful for that.

I had hoped the house would be sold before the stock market crashes in October. Looks like it came early. BW is going to freak when she finds that about the time she decides to retire, her funds will be gone. I’m not saying anything. She is under enough stress and she wouldn’t believe my “conspiracy theories” anyway.

Hope y’all have a Jerrififc day, ’cause you know he will!


Paddy O'Furnijur
8 years ago

Happy Tuesday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, RabBiT!
I’m glad to hear that work on TMP is progressing at that the end is in sight. I’m sure it will be a huge relief for you and BW when it is finally sold and escrow has closed.

Sven -- I appreciate the comments from last night. Mrs. Paddy’s email worked and he agreed to a moderate level of remodeling.

I’ve learned that with my brother, if I keep things professional, I get the most back-lash. He has to be approached on an emotional level. He absolutely rebels against analytical thinking. As for what my parents would have wanted? I don’t know about my mom, but my dad thought that my brother and I considered it to be home and was thinking we could keep it in the family. Yes, it was the house we lived in the longest, but those were pretty much the high school and college years, so we weren’t around all that much. Base housing doesn’t count -- you can’t even put posters up in your room -- so the house we really considered home was the one in Vista, CA. We lived there two years -- for me it was 2nd and 3rd grade. Anyway, I tried to keep the house in the family by offering to sell my half to my nephew so that he and his fiancee (at the time) could get a start in the housing market. I offered a discount of about 1/3 off the current market rate, but my brother wouldn’t go along with the plan.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

G’day, GN!

Hai, RabBeet and Paddy!

RabBeet --

Happy to see that TMP is getting close to being put on the market. Too bad ZS and WG can’t also be sold. 🙂

Paddy --

That’s wonderful Mrs. Paddy’s email worked; teh yay!

After spending a fruitless 90 minutes online and on the phone trying -- unsuccessfully -- to get one simple, lousy question answered by LA Building & Safety, I am of the opinion that even Kafka would have been impressed with how much of a punishment the process is.