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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Happy (sort-of) Boxing Day, GN!

(I am, of course, aware it has nothing to do with teh sport of the same name.)

Perhaps a more appropriate Boxing Day observance would be a book to thank Jerry for hosting us:

If you’ll excuse me, I need to, ah, download some sugar plums and wassail. šŸ™‚

Just Sven
8 years ago

Good morning and happy Boxing Day!

Windy out here and fires burning in Ventura--the 101 is shut down for a 20 mile stretch. Gusts up to 70 mph with steady 25 mph.

Hope everyone survived Christmas.

Paddy O'Furnijur
8 years ago

Happy Obscure British Holiday, Gerbil Nation! (obscure in the sense that if it isn’t American, we don’t know, nor care, much about it.)
Good morning, Fatwa and Sven!

We’re going to head up to work on Rose Parade floats this afternoon -- looking forward to that.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Hai, Sven and Paddy!

Hope they get that fire completely knocked-down quickly. Bummer for folks who were planning to spend Christmas loot at the outlet mall in Ventura.

Have fun in Pasadena, Paddy.

Paddy O'Furnijur
8 years ago

We’ll actually be in Irwindale -- a slightly less exciting place.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Whenever I hear the name “Irwindale”, I’m reminded of part of the narrative from “Billy The Mountain”:

“Word just in to the KTTV News Service undeniably links THIS MOUNTAIN and HIS WIFE to drug abuse and pay-offs as part of a San Joaquin Valley SMUT RING! However, we can assure parents in the Southern California area that a recent NARCOTICS CRACK-DOWN, in Torrance, Hawthorne, Lomita, Westchester, Playa Del Rey, Santa Monica, Tujunga, Sunland, San Fernando, Pacoima, Sylmar, Newhall, Canoga Park, Palmdale, Glendale, Irwindale, Rolling Hills, Granada Hills, Shadow Hills, Cheviot Hills, will provide the SECRET EVIDENCE the Palmdale Grand Jury has needed to seek a CRIMINAL INDICTMENT, and pave the way for STIFFER LEGISLATION, increased FEDERAL AID, and AVERT A CRIPPLING STRIKE of Bartenders and Veterinarians throughout the INLAND EMPIRE . . . “

First heard that album in ’72 hanging out in a friend’s basement and smoking “ditch weed”; had no idea that 13 years later, I’d be living in Los Angeles. (Said friend is now an anesthesiologist of quite good repute; heh.)

8 years ago

Eveningish Greetings, all!

Well, I don’t have to tell you, its been quite a few [fill in blank] days ‘roun heah.

Last mon or Tues, BW’s laptop froze up & locked her out. She tried all the resets & restores & backup this & that, to no avail. The only thing to do was to take it back to Costco (bought on Son’s card). Not a big deal. But in looking at the receipt, we noticed that the Costco warranty/exchange expired on 12/26. So we took it over to him that night. We didn’t have the box it came in & he said that was going to be a problem, but that he would take care of it. He wasn’t looking forward to Costco on Christmas Eve! He was going to attempt to unfreeze it on his own.

The HP website was so crappy that when BW tried to load something onto a disk, you get one free chance to do it. So when she did it, the computer cut off before all the info was loaded & then froze up. After that, you have to buy their $50 disk. Son figured that he was going to have to do that since we couldn’t find the box & Costco was going to be snooty about it. When did it become that stores don’t care about receipts as much as boxes?) He said the Costco Computer Tech support was worthless, too. (Son is Fatwa-like in his non-sufferance of fools. Yeah, he is arrogant is areas where he knows what he’s talking about. IT is one of those areas. Ha!)

So we go home & after I had already looked in the obvious places, BW really tore the closets apart & found the HP box! A Christmas miracle?

We go back to his house the next morning, Christmas Eve, deliver the box & off to Costco he goes. He called later and said that he traded in the computer with no problem. He was now going to get it set up for BW & we could come back & pick it up this weekend.
About 9 P.M., he called & said the computer was just about ready & that we could pick it up Christmas Day. He said he found the point where BW got stuck in doing the restore & found a way to get around it. He took out “garbageware” (his words) that the new computer came with & worked his magic on making back ups and putting in the what I call “remote viewing” so he can fix our stuff from his home. He made derogatory comments about HP on his facebook page, Ha! He said it took him 9 hours to get the computer to how it should be when it was sold. In person, he said that really it was just an hour or so of actually doing things, the rest of the time was waiting for it to slowly load.

The next day, Christmas morning, we went & picked up the computer. BW gave him 3 of the dozen Sharri’s Berries that I had surprised her with for Christmas. She was overcome with love for how much he had gone through for her. He had not originally been scheduled for Christmas Eve off, but he wanted to avoid last minute chaos at Costco, and took the day.

OT plug: If you have never tried Sharri’s Berries, do so. They are worth the money, the commercials are true. They really did arrive packed in a chill pack, didn’t leak & were wonderful. BW ate 3 immediately upon opening them! We let them sit unopened for a day before realizing that maybe we need to open them sooner! We split the other ones & she has the last one on her end table about to eat right now.
So BW now has a brand new HP like her old one that works properly. Yay!

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Hai, RabBeet!!

So glad that BW’s ‘puter is working; teh yay for teh Son! (And very cool he’ll be able to log-in remotely if that’s required in the future.)

8 years ago

As far as Christmas goes, it would not be complete without Crackhouse Family Drama., of which we wanted as little to do with as possible.

BW & I went over to do the pool & rake some leaves on Christmas Eve. We took along Grandneice’s present & figured we’d drop it at Sis’ apt.Well, Sis was home, but grandniece wasn’t there yet. This was just a few hours before the church pageant. BW didn’t get to see her open the gift, there was no way we were going to the pageant or BBQ & pot after party. There was no phone call of thanks. Actually, Good Neice hasn’t called BW since inviting her to Thanksgiving. Guess she’s “mad”. BW asked Sis if they were goingto Good Nephew’s open house. She said No. She would be taking ZS and WG to spend the night at GN’s. I said, “What about after you leave their house the next day? The three of you can drop by.” She said she “didn’t know”. Ya know, GN wanted to see his Mother & worthless brother & aunt Sis on Christmas but his wishes don’t matter, much like BW’s never mattered. If Gn was going to be mad at him, she wanted everyone mad at him.
Earlier in the week, she called him at work & wanted to fight when he was busy & so he quit taking her calls. His point was that he had done the Thanksgiving in her tiny apt. &all her pothead friends were there & kids were running aroind screaming. So he offered the use of his home, but he wanted family, not her pothead friends. She blasted him that she went to “a lot of expense to have this catered”. Oh, please. When you get take-out BBQ, that is not having something “catered” LOL. So he quit taking her calls.

Christmas Morning, BW & I went to Son’s to get the computer & then came home to get ready to go to GN’s. He had said they weren’t fixing a big dinner, but were having sandwiches & chips & dips. Fine with us, we didn’t really have appetites. His wife is ill with Fibromyalga, arthritis in her back & on Chemo & steroids. She isn’t able to do a big dinner & is in constant pain.

We got there & had as good a time as we could under the circumstances. GN had made a pulled pork crockpot dish for the food. We played (or watched) GN fly his drone. Amasing! It was about the width of a Frisbee. He has another one that was only a couple of inches wide, but he didn’t fly that one. Grand Nephew took BW off to his room to show her how to play Minecraft. GN & wife told us that while WG was trying to get money out of us for an ankle bracelet, he was telling them he needed it for a breathing thing. I told them that he already had a breathing thing from last summer. So I guess he figured he had to tell them a different lie. GN told him “NO” on any money, as we did.

The gift exchange was pretty funny. Since Grand Nephew is 11 . I chose to give him 3 different fast food git cards & some cash. His parents gave me an Outback gift card. Then they opened theirs from us. It was an Outback gift card! BW opened her gift and was overcome with tears. It was a Christmas vest with a tree on one side and a pug on the other. Some might think it falls into the “ugly sweater category, but it is beautiful to us. GN said he wanted to get it for wife, but she said that they didn’t have a size to fit her & she thought BW would like it. She was right. He said it was from a website called “Pug Life”. I think I have seen a picture before of a pug behind bars with “pug life” on it.

We stayed about two hours & BW needed to go. They were going to have other friends drop by that evening. Wife is now estranged from her family & none were expected. They will go out to GN’s Father’s house tomorrow.

At one point, I was able to tell them that I missed being with them all holidays past. And how BW & I have now defined our family as Son and them. Wife told me that she never liked going over there, but kept going so that Grand would have memories of TM. So there was laughter and tears, but mostly there was love. Expressed and unspoken, too.

BW & I went home & started some new traditions. Listening to Christmas shows (mostly on the BYU channel) of course, it isn’t Christmas for me until I see “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. Ha!

Not one of them called us . BW was hoping they might. Today is Sis’ birthday. They have a thing where people call each other to remind them to call the birthday person. No one called. GN didn’t call to even thank us for the present for grand neice. BW tried to call Sis for birthday greetings. He number was out of service. (didn’t pay her bill). Her back up number that takes messages was in-op, too. So now, BW sent a text to GN that she tried to call Sis,and by the way, did Grand like her gifts? GN texted right back that she “was out of minutes & the gifts were liked, Thanks for remembering”. BW is so hurt, once again. But she only cried a few minutes, so that is an improvement. There is nothing else that I can do.

Oh, the tornado passed us by. We had some rain, wind , thunder & lightening, but so far it didn’t bother DIRECTV. Ha!

I have slow-typed so long that Fatwa and Mac both hopped in!
Mac, I only like Dell. My son builds his own. He chose The red HP laptop for BW & bought it at Costco ( the one I use now) BW has another HP that she got from a pawn shopold & heavy, but sentimental because TM got it for her one Christmas) The latest HP was one that Son & I got her last August to try to cheer her up. Since I know nothing about computers, I didn’t have any input. But now Son is not an HP fan at all. Ha!

Let me hop out of here,
I’m getting Nedra Z’s carpal tunnel.


Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Thank you for the full update, RabBeet; as always, sorry for all of your (and BW’s) tsuris.

Iā€™m getting Nedra Zā€™s carpal tunnel.

According to Teh Nedra Z Style Book, that’s “crapal”. šŸ™‚