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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Robot Caturday greetings, GN!

Sure is nice having running water again. (Although a couple of the turlet lines still have some air in them; it’s sort of like having carbonated loos.) 🙂

Off to shower, as I’ve not had one since Wednesday morning and am more offensive than usual.


Just Sven
8 years ago

Gaia thanks you, Fatwa.

Just Sven
8 years ago

I’ve been in a Junkyard kind of mood the last few days--there were one of my favorite 80’s bands. Good to see they are still alive and kicking--this is a great tune:

I blew my engine and I blew my fuse
I did some damage with some shit I could not refuse
See you, see me, see the scars of time
The lumps and bumps that remain to remind
Remind of times and all the sense that I lacked
And all the things that I’ll never, ever get back

Certain song or a simple line
And I flash back right to the time
We were young, we were way outta line
Jacked up straight out of our mind

Totally annihilated

Paddy O'Furnijur
8 years ago

Happy Caturday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Fatwa the Fragrant and Sven!

Fatwa -- glad you’ve got your water troubles behind you. From what I’ve heard, Jerry has carbonated loos, also, albeit the gas is coming from a different source.

Mrs. Paddy wanted steak last night, but beef prices out here are ridiculous for so-so quality beef. I checked Yelp for reviews of area steakhouses and was sorely disappointed. Every place (other than Ruth Chris or Fleming’s) had problems with consistency in meat quality, cooking, and service. I ended up going to a local purveyor of fine meats (USDA Prime only) and picked up a couple of NY strips. I pan-seared them with olive oil, added some butter and garlic to baste them with, then made a peppercorn sauce from the drippings with shallots, garlic, brandy, peppercorns, beef stock, and a little cream. I sliced the steaks thin and served them with the sauce. It was incredible! The difference a good quality piece of meat makes was amazing. While the price of the meat was outrageous, it was still less than if the three of us had gone out for dinner. I’m going to have to remember this.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

¡Hola, Sven y Paddy!

I rather liked that Junkyard tune; can certainly relate to the sentiment.

Don’t be too sure about Gaia’s appreciation…given what sluiced off. 🙂

Paddy --

That sounds delicious! Given the cost of good beef here, I can’t imagine what it must cost out there these days.

Brenda came shopping with me at Walmart this morning. Despite hearing my griping for the past few years about food inflation, seeing the cost of a modest cart of groceries was a much more visceral experience for her. (As I’ve been doing the “big” grocery trips the past few years; you don’t notice the overall prices so much if you’re only picking-up one or two items.)

I *schnorted* at the bit about Jerry’s method of carbonation.

Off on another brief errand run; gaaaaah!