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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Goooood morniiiiiiing, GN!

As soon as I saw today’s thread GIF, I correctly presumed Joe had posted it; cheers, sir.

Thanks for all the kind thoughts / prayers for SackO’SugarK; she’s doing much better today. Redoubled and emanating from Larryville for all Wheelizens (and those dearest to them).

Mac --

Thanks for the update re Harper and David; we think of them often here at CasaK.

I guess the gerbils are getting old, Sven. At least some of us.

Having recently passed the big six-oh, I fear that’s true. And yet, Mrs. Arbuckle remains 29. What sort of witchery is this?!?

It’s interesting that when I look in teh mirror, I see an older man but not one who’s as old as I am. (Despite the fact I’ve recently taken to using a purple hair conditioner to emphasize those hairs which have turned white. Because vanity.)

But if I catch sight of myself on a security camera, I see an old bastard; wee-yurd.

OTOH, I’ve discovered my parents weren’t lying when they told me the oily skin which made my adolescence middlin’ miserable would pay dividends when I got older. (But I’m a-skeered to view that portrait up in the crawl space…)

8 years ago

I do hope gentle Brenda is feeling better. I faced up to 25 years of dental neglect a few years ago and I hate seeing dentists. I hope hers was as good as mine.

I’ve had a snow capped peak for some time now.

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Nov 2012c photo 100_1540.jpg

Just Sven
8 years ago

Good morning,

Hey Mac--hope you are feeling better this morning and doing everything your doctors are telling you to!

The old age thing is bear--I know I’m feeling it as well although I havent gone to the purple hair coloring extreme yet…maybe next week.

I went to bed last night around nine o’clock
i lost count of all the times i’ve been around the block
i stumbled to the mirror
i’m humbled to see
my long gone daddy looking back at me
i feel like a record falling off the charts

it’s getting kinda old being young at heart

Paddy O'Furnijur
8 years ago

Sure Happy It’s Thursday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Fatwa, Mac, and Sven!

Mac -- I hope you’re feeling and doing better. I also hope that Elena is not too worried about her upcoming procedure.

Getting old ain’t for sissies, that’s for sure!

8 years ago

Best wishes for all my gerbil friends that are going through health and surgery issues.
Speaking of getting old…when I was a youngster, I looked at a 55 y.o. like they were old. Now that I am 55, I don’t feel very old, but it seems that lately, I keep deleting selfies because I hear ya Fatwa..vanity. I was doing my lunchtime hike in the foothills around my office this week and found a gorgeous lilac bush fully bloomed and thought, I’ll just get a selfie because after all, my new Champion cool technology long sleeved hiking shirt matched the flowers so beautifully…I took about 10 pics. When I got back to my office and put on my reading glasses to see them, I deleted them all. I used to have such perfect vision too! This year, I got 150 readers and this week I had to go up to 175s. I think that 3 month hellcoldflu did some damage.