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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Happy Monday, Gerbiliños!

Isn’t he the guy that claimed he got spat on and such by Tea Partiers?

Yep. Andrew Breitbart offered to make a $100K donation to the -- IIRC -- United Negro College Fund if anyone could furnish video proof. Of course, no such proof existed.

Too bad that the wishes MLK expressed in his most famous speech never came to fruition; we got the endless Oppression Olympics instead.


Just Sven
7 years ago

Hi Fatwa and good morning GN!

No rain until Wednesday!

Just Sven
7 years ago

Was thinking of the likely news headlines that will come out of the Trump inauguration Friday:

“Racist chants mock Obama”

“America mourns as Trump takes oath of office”

“Patriots disrupt ceremony”

“Darkness falls over America”

“Activists vow: ‘Not my President'”

Paddy O'Furnijur
7 years ago

Happy Monday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Fatwa, and Sven!

Sven -- the sad thing is, none of those headlines seems too far-fetched.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Hai, Sven and Paddy!

“White Billionaire Developer Evicts Black Family”.