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Just Sven
6 years ago

Good morning,

Man, that’s one big cat!

The winds are back. We started hitting gusts up to 50mph a couple of hours ago. More than two weeks now of almost constant Santa Anas. It is getting very old.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

G’day, Wheelizens!

Sorry to read the Santa Anas are back with a vengeance in SoCal.


I’m going to enjoy the futility of CA officials trying to combat the huge new black market for ammo they’ve created.

And to Hell with every agent of the State who will participate in enforcing a law which violates the Constitutional rights of CA residents (despite said agents’ oath of office to support and defend the COTUS). AFAIC, they get what they get…and I hope it’s very unpleasant for them. Fookin’ unAmerican fascist goons.

As I have expressed before, “I was only following orders” was not, IMHO, a valid excuse at Nuremberg; it sure as hell ought not be one in present day America.


Re the relatively recent annual flaps over “Baby It’s Cold Outside”: I’ve always seen that song as a charming, slightly risqué middle finger raised to some of the social morés of mid-century America; particularly where women and sex are concerned.

My interpretation of the lyrics is largely that the female would rather like to stay but is concerned with the condemnation of other people regarding what is essentially her personal business.

In which case, I’d expect feminists to embrace the song…but I’d be completely wrong.

I really hate it when cultural artifacts which I find charming -- and pretty benign -- get ruined by assholes.

Paddy O'Furnijur
6 years ago

A blessed Sabbath, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Sven, and Fatwa!

What a cute, cuddly, cat, Mac! I’m sure the Left would find something wrong with that.

I don’t recall ever having Santa Ana winds for this long at a stretch. I blame Jerry Brown.

Fatwa -- I agree in re Baby It’s Cold Outside. You’d think feminists (of all genders) would support a woman who is freely embracing her sexuality in contravention of the societal rules imposed by the patriarchy.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Paddy --

You very eloquently expressed what I was trying to say re Frank Loesser’s song and feminists.

I find that living in an age where damned near everything is “problematic” is, well, a bit problematic for me. But since I’m not a member of any of the specially protected groups -- as decreed by our “betters” -- I am generally marginalized and have my voice silenced. Oh well… 👿

Just Sven
6 years ago

It’s probably out there somewhere, but you need a scorecard now to keep track of who is resigning their posts or quitting their jobs because of sexual harassment charges/allegations. And I’d like to see it broken out by political affiliation.


But I find this part of this story quite odd: “According to Bauman, when a female party member saw Cheslog acting aggressively with a young woman last month, she told other women that Cheslog had raped her at a party function in 2016 in San Diego. That woman has so far chosen not to make her name public.”

A man rapes you and yet you maintain a working relationship with him as opposed to filing a police report or slapping the crap out of him (or worse) the next time you see him?

Just Sven
6 years ago

Yes. Just awful.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Hai, Mac!

Too many bunnies in Ventura County will lead to an organic kale and arugula Holocaust!

Why do you hate allegedly-fact-based, neurotically-healthy, pseudo-scientific nutrition-trend-of-teh-month eating, sir?

Food science denier…hmmmmph! 🙂

Sven --

That’s a damned good question.

The answer is that all men are rapists…but the patriarchy protects them. 👿

Also, I was triggered by the video you embedded; I’ll be in my safe space.

Just Sven
6 years ago

For Fatwa:

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist
Reply to  Just Sven

Well that was problematic, Sven.

Give the heading on the video, I was expecting to see Roy Rogers riding an iconic Disney tiger best known for bouncing, hoo hoo!

Further, there was musical cultural appropriation performed in a wholly inauthentic style.

Literally shaking from the imperialism of it all; I can’t even… 🙂

Just Sven
6 years ago

And here I was just trying to help. My white privilege apparently got in the way. Again. Sniff.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

So, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport has been completely shut-down since a little after 1:00 this afternoon as it is completely without power.

The world’s busiest airport ought not have a single point of failure for critical infrastructure, but ATL is especially blessed as it is run by members of both a particular political party and a particular “ethnic” group.

Further, communication to passengers was pretty much non-existent. For hours.

They claim they’ll have power back by midnight.

Well, what can you expect in a city where the new mayor-elect says at her victory press conference, “For all the little girls out there, who need somebody to believe that you’re better than your circumstances, I want you all to remember that Black Girl Magic is real.”

Apparently, “Black Girl Magic” don’t know shit about electricity.