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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Happy Middle of teh Week Day, GN!

The SoCal mudslides are bad news; I know they could have been far worse, but still…

Glad there’s some dry weather for at least eight days to get some clean-up done.

Roofing-related stuff certainly got hopping yesterday; I’d expect more of the same the next day or two. (Nothing big thus far, but we’ll see what happens once immediate issues are dealt with.)

Time to consolidate and organize our to-do list; whee!


Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Hai, Mac!

CorporateToolK and I are improving; t’anks for your kind words.

I looked through that “machinist pr0n”; even though I don’t really understand what I was looking at except in the most general of terms. But it’s the sort of stuff which reminds me of the stupifyingly enormous accumulation of knowledge and skills which makes our modern civilization possible.

Glad you posted that link.

It’s quite mind-numbing to look back on the last fifty years of progress in the relatively small field of music / recording / audio technology (since I have a smattering of expertise / experience with that stuff). The relatively modest tools I can afford to own (which are quite marvelous) have advanced so fast, it beggars the imagination.

Even of a scifi / technology geek. 😉

(One of the things which pisses me off the most about my own mortality is all of the gee-whiz, cool developments which will -- presumably -- occur after I commence my dirt nap. Tarnation!!)

Paddy O'Furnijur
6 years ago

Happy Wednesday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Fatwa, and Mac!

I’ve been wandering around the link Mac sent -- fascinating! Thanks, Mac!