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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Happy Canada, Day, gerbilles! (Oui, zat is ze spelling en Français and I don’t wish les Quebecois to feel slighted. Because of my great respect for our cheese-eating surrender monkey amis.)

I’d hoist a shot of imported maple syrup to our “neightbors to teh north”, but we only have a jug of stoic, domestic Vermont syrup on-hand. Ergo, a very Canadian “sorry, eh”.

A few years back, in a rare act of actually increasing liberty, GA liberalized its fireworks laws. As such, ‘SplodeyK asked me to purchase some yesterday. Me being me, I didn’t precisely go hog wild but as I browsed the pop-up brick-and-mortar fireworks shop (formerly a CVS), my inner 10-year-old was jumping up and down in excitement.

I bought a modestly-priced variety pack of -- mostly -- ground-effect stuff like Roman candles and fountains. Plus 400 1.5″ Black Cat firecrackers and a gross of their bottle rockets for next-to-nothing ($12.00) for the Black Cat stuff.

We QC’d a few of the latter two last night; they’ll do. 👿

The priciest item on display was a variety-pack -- approximately 1/4 the volume of a generic apartment-sized fridge -- for $499. Yay for a little more freedom!

And since next week is going to be on-and-off drizzly, we don’t have to worry about fire when lighting stuff off Wednesday night, either.


Paddy O'Furnijur
5 years ago

A blessed Sabbath, Gerbil Nation! Or as they say up in the frozen North, “Un sabbat béni, Gerbil Natio!”
Good morning, Fatwa and his Freedom Fireworks!

It looks like some bunny is tired.