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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Looks like Cerberus Puppy Wednesday…teh yay!!

“Guarding the portal to Heck.”

In the midst of bidding a weird project: 8-unit HOA built just last year. They’ve already had two failed roofing systems. (Most recent one due to stunningly poor workmanship; don’t know about original one.)

Looked pretty straightforward until we learned yesterday that they were built / sold as eight detached single-family homes with a 6″ air gap between units from slab to roof.

Most recent roofer put a piece of galvanized metal to bridge the gaps at the roof and ran the roof over it, so it appears to be one contiguous roof. Alas, because they’re supposed to be detatched single-family homes, that’s a big code no-no.

The kicker is that the exterior cladding material in the air gaps isn’t waterproof!! Really?? WTF?!?!?

So…this situation requires keeping water out of the 6″ air gap while ensuring each unit has it’s own distinct roof per applicable code. (If that weren’t so, it’d be relatively easy -- if a bit more expensive -- to roof each unit separately.)

Jim has a meeting with the developer and general contractor tomorrow to see just what their cunning plan was. After which we’ll have to decide what to do.

I suspect this is a good project to walk -- nay, run -- away from, but we shall see…

Just Sven
5 years ago

A challenge anyways. But one that comes with lots of baggage.

Just Sven
5 years ago

Hello Fatwa and good morning GN! Apparently today really is THE DAY that Trump falls. Really. This time the lefties AND the media really mean it. They’ve got the goods. Really.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Good morning, Mr. Bonk.

I really don’t know how some folks / institutions / websites keep up the non-stop Trump hate. It’s been more than two years of no actual traction for them, and yet it seems that every freakin’ day there’s some cockamamie schema which will finally be his doom.

My brother has been remarking more frequently about “crazy leftists”, which I find amusing. (He’s an odd “classic liberal” in a lot of ways who doesn’t pay much attention to daily politics; I think it’s beginning to dawn on him that modern “liberals” ain’t.)

As re the weird roofing project: if we get involved, it’d have to be in a manner where another party takes care of covering that 6″ air gap and we simply tie-our roof in with their work. (Which realistically doesn’t decrease JimCo’s chances of getting dragged into likely litigation but may provide a fairly strong defense.)

We’ll see what eventuates at tomorrow’s meeting and go from there. The homeowners are in a shitty situation; Jim and I would truly like to help them out, but need to have a much better feel for how much risk is involved.

Some days, being “nice guys” isn’t worth the peril.


(Thanks, trial attorneys of America; you make everything better.)

Paddy O'Furnijur
5 years ago

Happy Wednesday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Fatwa, and Sven!

There’s been one hiccough in closing the books that has been vexing me. The lender has an entry into the tax escrow account that doesn’t match any of our payments. I’ve sent two emails and left three voicemails and gotten no response. The general partner and the CPA want the finished docs by tomorrow. I guess they’ll get them with an error and an explanation.

Fatwa -- that is a really weird building situation. 6 inches? Was everyone from the architect to the building department expecting that the exterior cladding would never need maintenance? Being built on separate slabs, the units are going to move in different directions, especially as the soil gets wet, then dries out. You’ve got to wonder how the project got approved in the first place.

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

G’morning, Paddy!

Hope you can get your escrow account discrepancy sorted-out easily.

Yeah…it is a weird situation. Jim’s meeting with the homeowner who’s apparently taken the lead re roofing this afternoon. I’ve gotten the impression from phone conversations the townhomes are all on the same slab; that may or may not be the case. We’ll know more later.

I wonder if the air gap was for purposes of making these places “detached single family dwellings” (for legal and/or marketing reasons)?