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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Happy Mid-Week Day, Wheelizens!

Especially amusing -- if a bit mean -- thread pic today, Mac. (Given that roo’s pouches are rather, um, soiled, I suppose the belts at the cash registers have to be cleaned. A lot. The manacles are a nice touch.) 👿

It sounds like my cow-worker is going to be out for at least two more weeks.

Sheesh, Paddy; I’m sorry for all your extra work.

But it sucks. the pandemic caused another pandemic of identity crime.

The guy at Experian who assisted me said much the same.

It seems that getting any response from the SBA is going to be extremely challenging. I’d really like to know if they guaranteed a loan in my name. And find out more about the paperwork which was used to apply to the SBA. And report attempted fraud.

I’m already approaching the “Timothy McVeigh did nothing wrong” point. Probably a good thing that both diesel and fertilizer are so expensive right now…


One of the homeowners / tenants with the leaking tile roof reported to us on Monday got snippy yesterday with the property manager (who’s terrific; we’ve been working with her for ~25 years) that nobody came to fix her leak on Monday while it was pissing rain.

(A lot of people who live in condos seem to be severely, ah, mentally challenged.)

Feeling pretty burnt-out re JimCo these days.

“Demand for Arbitration” should be going out to HH-A HOA this week; we got a preliminary draft and sent some corrections and suggestions to lawbaw, who liked and appreciated them. He also indicated that the check box for “Other Relief Sought” will be more “flexible” (and better-received by the arbitration company) than the “Punitive / Exemplary Damages” check box.

We shall see…


Coming soon to a point-of-sale terminal near you:

card declined due to tweets.jpeg
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dv8 -Ultra Maga Fascalistic Expy Alidocious

Hey! I know what POS stands for : )

Tim McVeigh was a crazy democrat, but I understand the sentiment.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a crazy Communist, but I sometimes feel like the guy on the [insert location here] (water tower, grassy knoll, book depository, etc. : )

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dv8 -Ultra Maga Fascalistic Expy Alidocious
Reply to  Mac

come to think of it, both my debit card fraud events have been after the pandemic. One just when it started and another about a year later.

If you hand your card to someone, they can photograph it with their phone. That’s what happened the first time. I even saw it happen, but It didn’t register that that was what I was seeing.

Maybe I should activate Samsung Pay on my phone. I already have Zelle though my bank. I activated it, but I haven’t used it yet.

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dv8 -Ultra Maga Fascalistic Expy Alidocious

Zelle, is thing thing like PayPal, but it’s offered though your bank. Most banks have it, I understand. It uses phone number and/or email as an identifier.

Paddy O'Furnijur, Fascista Ubriacone
Paddy O'Furnijur, Fascista Ubriacone
5 months ago

Happy Hoppity Wednesday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Fatwa, and Sven!

A few years ago I had an issue with an attempt to open an account in my name in a neighborhood in NYC. Fortunately the bank denied it based on the appearance of fraud. I’ve since put a fraud alert on my credit with all three credit bureaus and locked them down. I also had someone hack my account with the CA unemployment office. I filed a fraud report (no easy task), but have no idea if they ever did anything about it. Probably not, given how much unemployment fraud goes on in this state.

Fatwa -- while I know that it is possible to do some patching of roofs in the rain, only someone with a death wish (or a wish for potential great bodily injury) would attempt a repair of a tile roof in the freakin’ rain!

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist


Hey, Mac, Paddy and dv8 (and Harper!!1!)!

Mac --

Sorry you’re illin’; hope you recuperate soon. Glad it wasn’t the General Tso’s Sicken.

Bummer that you had a run-in with ID theft, too; happy you were able to get it sorted.

Appreciate your well-wishes re the HH-A HOA imbroglio. Our lawbaw’s approach is to treat it as essentially a breach-of-contract case -- which it clearly is (due to my Neidermeyer-like proclivities) -- and all of the events which led up to the breach factually show JimCo to have been above-board and gone above-and-beyond while the HOA’s behavior was sleazy and underhanded when we refused to accept responsibility for their construction defect.

Attorney thinks -- and I concur -- that if JimCo appears to be continuing on the “high road”, the arbitrator(s) will be much more open to the “Other Relief Sought” than if we look like we’re grabbing for every penny we can above the unpaid bill, attorney and arbitration fees, etc.

In truth, we are hoping to “pants” them for more than the preceding, but appearances are oft important. 🙂

Paddy --

Glad your bank caught the attempted fraud. Sorry you also had issues with your unemployment account; you’re probably correct in assuming there was no investigation because gummint. And California.

Yeah…anyone who thinks fixing a tile roof in the rain is remotely feasible is -- at best -- a blithering idiot.

…but I understand the sentiment.

If only our FedGov had been kept within its clearly delineated boundaries by everyone who took an oath to protect and defend the COTUS…


5 months ago

Good afternoon -- sorry to read about the identity theft -- that really sucks. We’ve been fairly lucky in that regard, but it’s one of those things that seems to happen to everyone sooner or later. And Mac, hope you are feeling better.