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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Happy Chomping Raccoon Saturday, GN!

Sven and Mrs. Sven --

Happy belated anniversary!

dv8 (and Harper!!1!) --

Hope you got teh mail easily sorted-out yesterday.

Re rodent traps: Papa Arbuckle once found some disposable rodent traps with the brand name Mouse-O-Leum (which tickled him greatly). Apparently they worked pretty well, but a cursory search indicated they’re no longer being made.

Brenda update: She had chemo #3 yesterday and is doing pretty well this morning. She had an appetite last night and no ill effects from eatng.

They’ll be upping the dosage next Friday; we’ll see how that goes.

Warning -- Some crude language:

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4 months ago

Good morning, GN. What a way to wake up here -- I could watch that beautiful coon all day and it brings a smile to my face! Much better than those other furry four-legged creatures that normally grace these pages.

Thanks for the anniversary wishes -- went out to dinner last night to celebrate.

Prayers for Miss Brenda and you as well, Fatwa.

And on to work -- I think I can get everything I need to get done today and maybe get tomorrow off.

dv8 -Ultra Maga Fascalistic Expy Alidocious

Hey Everyone.

Glad Brenda is doing okay. You are both in our prayers.

Friday morning’s mail was a disaster. So when it came to the Big Route.

Well… If the whole shift is going to be over 14 hours, I kinda draw the line there.

So on Friday, after the mail, I just did the biggest stops on The Big Route. The major stores. That brought me to about 12.5 hours.

After I woke up on Friday, I waited until evening and did the rest of the stops. Harper went with me for the first part, but was feeling kinda queasy, so I took her home. Anyway, that took another 3.5 hours, so 16 hours total. I’m glad I broke it up.

Paddy O'Furnijur, Fascista Ubriacone
Paddy O'Furnijur, Fascista Ubriacone
4 months ago

Happy “Happy Raccoon” Caturday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Fatwa, Sven, and dv8 (and Harper!)!

Fatwa -- I’m glad Brenda is doing as well as she is. Continued prayers for you all.

Sven -- I hope you only have to work one day this weekend. Working 7 days a week gets old very fast.

dv8 -- glad you broke up the Big Route. Driving after that many hours isn’t a good idea.

It’s going to be a hot one today -- low 90’s.