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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Can relate to today’s thread pic.

Mac --

That sucks about your energy and med prices (especially the latter).

Not very optimistic about a fast turnaround as -- IMHO -- our problems are far more deeply systemic than in the ’70s and the rot in both major parties is significantly worse.

I’ll be accompanying BK this morning to her weekly blood work / chat with the doc but no chemo this week so yay!


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Paddy O'Furnijur
1 year ago

Happy Brain Fog Friday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Fatwa!

Mac -- I agree with Fatwa -- that totally sucks, especially in regards to your medication. Does the manufacturer have any sort of program to help cover the costs? In regards to energy costs, I know there are a lot of people in my neck of the woods who are paying that much per month for electricity, but they’re being extravagant. In your part of TX you have to run your AC -- there’s just no way around it. Where I’m at, people who spend $250/month on electricity are leaving all the lights on and have their thermostat set to 72 degrees in the spring, summer, and fall. We usually manage to keep our electricity usage down in the first tier, which is the cheapest. That price recently went up to $0.26/kWh and it’s only going to get worse as we use more “green” energy.

Fatwa -- I hope BK has a better week sans chemo.

1 year ago


Mac: I’m sorry to hear about the medicine situation. My understanding of drug companies is that they really will have a way for you to get it for less, or even for free if you can no longer afford it. I’m not sure if you want to pursue something like that, but those things are usually available for the more expensive drugs.

The bone broth came out great! It’s all strained and in the fridge. I had to process it this morning (which was the three day mark including the reboot on the first day.

I bbqed my chicken yesterday, and added the bones to the broth as well. We’ll see how hard it sets up in the fridge or if it will need augmentation. We had ramen with edamame noodles this morning and it was very good.

I had to do the broth this morning because my friend came over and helped me install the microwave.

So that’s kind of a marathon for me, what with work and everything.

So…. I guess It’s time for bed for me. I can’t really stay up much longer.

The new microwave works great.

Paddy O'Furnijur
1 year ago
Reply to  dv8

Hi dv8 (and Harper!)!

Glad you got your microwave/range hood installed and that it works!