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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Happy Wasted Wildlife Friday, GN!

Mac --

Hope things went well re Elena’s medical appointments.

BK Update: Today is heavy-duty infusion 5 of 6. At least we more-or-less know what to expect for the next two weeks. Feh.

HH-A Update: Got an email late yesterday from Mr. Attorney responding to something from the American Arbitration Association; unfortunately, the AAA attachment didn’t come through. Feh redux.



Unfortunate phrasing:

arthur spanks his wife gravestone.jpeg
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Just Sven
1 year ago

Why blame the coon? It could just as easily been the fawn.

Good luck to Brenda today, Fatwa -- hope it goes as well as it possibly can.

Mac -- hope appointments and such are working out for Elena.

Paddy O'Furnijur
1 year ago

Happy Friday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Fatwa, and Sven!

Fatwa -- please let BK know that we’re all praying for her. I know this hasn’t been easy on either of you, but you’ve both got this.

Mac -- ditto what Sven said.

Sven -- I hope your eye has been better, or at least not been giving you grief.

Just Sven
1 year ago

Thank you, Paddy. It’s been bothersome, but so it goes.

1 year ago

A couple of days ago, I started some more bone broth. This is a 3 day affair again. No smoked Hocks this time to desalinate. Just good ol’ foot bones. Put in Onions and garlic after about a day and an half. Then today, I BBQed some more chicken and added those bones cut in half, and everything not meat I was saving, to the broth. It’ll be done tomorrow evening.

Other than that, I got nuthin.