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Paddy O'Furnijur
1 month ago

Happy “Cat Bomb” Monday, Gerbil Nation!

Sven -- good luck with your meeting today.

My good friend Dave gave me a call yesterday evening. Dave comes from a fully dysfunctional family. Step-mommy Dearest was an abusive alcoholic. Dad was a silent, stoic military man. Dave’s two older sisters, his younger brother, and his younger sister all coped with home life in different ways. Arguments over the years have caused them to be even more distant than geography would dictate (the younger brother lives in New Zealand, the younger sister in Washington) and they don’t talk with each other. Starting on Thursday, Dave started getting messages routed through family members who do talk with each other. By Saturday he had learned: 1)his brother has inoperable brain cancer and won’t last long, 2) his oldest sister has advanced abdominal cancer, and 3) his youngest sister has lung cancer.

Just Sven
1 month ago

Man, what a kick in the guts.