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Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

G’day, GN!

Googly eyes make everything better:

googly-eyed sandworm photo googly-eyed sandworm_zpskwgpa5vv.jpg

A couple of weeks ago, SackO’SugarK was placing an Amazon order which was just a trifle short of qualifying for free shipping. One of the “suggested” items to bump her order over $35 was a large number of self-adhesive googly eyes for something like $1.37.

For the past two weeks, I have been startled by various inanimate objects “staring” at me. My monitor. The coffee maker (which was disconcerting first thing in the morning). A half-and-half carton, etc.

She had to work a bit late yesterday and did the same to the coffee maker there. The temperature controls inside the office fridge. And heaven knows what else.

I know gingers are evil…but I am still learning the degree to which that is true.

That should come with a NSFW label.

I actually did consider a “cannot be unseen” warning.

7 years ago

Just Sven
7 years ago

Evil indeed.

Paddy O'Furnijur
7 years ago

Happy Wednesday, Gerbil Nation!
Good morning, Brenda!, Fatwa, and Sven!

Googly eyes make everything better

You’re right:

and for the office:

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Hai, Sven and Paddy!

I shall make sure Brenda views the examples Paddy posted. (I especially like the men’s room sign. But I appreciate the effort which went into googly-ing breakfast.)

Fatwa Arbuckle: Misanthropologist

Hai, Mac and Elena!

Delighted you two were entertained by LambiePieK’s tormenting of her poor ol’ broke-down husband.

I’ve accumulated about ten of those googly little suckers and have begun my campaign to exact revenge. 👿