“What a world, what a world!” cried the Wicked Witch.

This week in Captioning, there’s just too much to choose from. You gotchur¬†Bengazi¬†scandal still unfolding and it’s all below Hillary!’s pay grade; there’s Holder recusing himself from the AP phone records grab that he never knew nothin’ about; Geithner is completely ignorant of the I*S reign of terror and wasn’t even home that day anyway…and Obama found out about all of this from the evening news (and Colbert, no doubt).

So, how does all of this fall out? Well, my prediction is that the house sneaks their Immigration farce off to the Senate under the cover of Friday-night-document-dump secrecy. What do I know, though?

Members of The Club Not In Club
Obama Holder Hillary! Teenie Weenie Excluded

Go ahead, give us your best conspiracy theory, prediction or favorite insult. ‘S all good here at Friday Night Captioning where we Caption That!

*Used to foil Google searches, performed by unsavory characters for the purposes of targeting enemies of The State of Obama. Paranoid? BWAHAHAHAHAHA yes.

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Scary Uncle Morty*

We’ve all got one…that scary relative who would have no problem dressing up as the easter bunny in oddly festooned pink underwear and a couple of poorly wrapped head towels — right? Or is that just me?

Anyhoodles, in rememberance of crazed relatives everwhere — CAPTION THAT!

*Also, just where IS Joe Biden these days? We haven’t seen him in pubic for weeks now. Yeah, I dunno; that pic just made me think of him.

Shhhhhhhh! (Conspiracy Theory Captions Thread)

Tonight, a study in the esoteric realms of international diplomacy.

Behind a facade of seemingly innocent captioning, it’s time to examine our own International Woman of Mystery; the woman behind the Bengazi Bamboozle… the woman who masterminded the Rose Law Firm Shuffle… the woman who directed the Vince Foster Obfuscation…

She's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eye...
Not a Sith Overlord…as far as you know.

That’s right, it’s Hillary! The world is a slippery place, and we can only guess at what our omnipresent Sec State has in store for us — and for the world. Don your tinfoil attire and hoist your conspiracy flag high; it’s time to CAPTION THAT!

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Tonight’s Captioning Topic Is…

Pop culture! And who better to celebrate that with than the Red Queen of Inscrutable Weirdness, Lady GaGa.


She’s making a speech here, she’s got somethin’ really important to say, and I’m sure you know just what that something is…so Caption That!

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