What to do?

UPDATE: Shuttering the site is not an option. While some have been lured away by the siren song of Facebook, I don’t find it to be the same intimate community as Teh Squeak. I can’t imagine RabBiT expressing the same tribulations on Facebook or Paddy or Sven or me or any other Gerbil. This is truly a special place, if currently a little under utilized. It will remain. I will find a solution. In the meantime: Keep Calm and Carry On.

Here is where we stand:

  • I can migrate the site to WordPress.com but each user will have to reregister on WordPress.com. When I tested the import of this site, I have to assign posts and comments to the new registered users. That means that until everyone who has posted since 2013 is registered, I can’t import Teh Squeaky Wheel prior posts.
  • I can use DNN which I’ve used in the past and blogging platform “A” that includes a WordPress like admin panel but no import capability for now – I would have to create a procedure to accomplish that. Wait! Did I say I? I meant someone with more skill and who has more time, what with not having to do Friday Night Captioning Contests.
  • I can use DNN and blogging platform “B” than does not include a WordPress like admin panel but does include the ability to import a complete WordPress site.

All options allow for posting videos.

The choice is yours. Discuss amongst your damn selves.


Teh Squeak is moving to WordPress.com. I need the room for other business.

Nothing will change and I hope to get this site transferred along with logins, posts and comment history. This site will be going off-line tomorrow afternoon/evening. The address will be the same, www.tehsqueak.com.


You can tell it’s important by the number of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight Teh Squeaky Wheel will host a series of contests of earth shattering importance. These contests will begin at 10:00pm Eastern / 7:00pm Pacific time.

[ujicountdown id=”Jeopardy1″ expire=”2013/08/29 22:00″ hide = “true”]

Tell, email or call your friends and loved ones so that they may participate in this first-ever gigantic, rapid-fire contest that is totally not like Jeopardy.

Each of the 12 contests will last for 5 minutes so be alert and type fast. Just slightly less than two hours till ……….