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Paddy O'Furnijur
10 years ago

To kind friends and absent companions…
and to love, and marriage, and anniversaries!

10 years ago

Overnight Greetings!
This really isn’t Midnight Oil writing, but I’m up so this will have to do. Plus by the time I finish, it will be time for a new thread.

Dead truck & a long walk.

Sunday I drove to Petco for catfood. When I came out of the store, my truck was dead. I had jumper cables, but there was no one around. So I decided to walk home. It was a long walk. I don’t know if it was a mile or not. It felt like it. Oh, and it was sunny & around 1 pm, upper 90’s or 100. As I passed the Braum’s, I went in & got a loaf of bread, one of my other errrands. I left the two bags of cat food in the truck. I’m stupid, but not that stupid. I only sat down on a curb to rest in the shade once. It was too hard trying to get back up to do it again. Ha! Most of the “walk” was on a busy commercial street in the blazing sun. About a third was in shady residential neighborhoods. I staggered into the house & drank a bottle of water followed by 2 huge glasses of orange juice. Then I laid down for a nap.

When BW came home from work , she saw me & no truck & thought it had been stolen. I told her it was dead & that I walked home. She was NOT happy with me.
BW: Why didn’t you call me?
Me: I’m not having you come home from work to pick me up.
BW: Why didn’t you call a taxi?
Me: It never occurred to me. Besides, I left my phone at home.
BW: You passed a million phones on the way home! You can’t be doing this! We are 60 years old!
Me: No, we are not.

Then I decided that it must be the battery in the key remote that needed replacing. Much googling & watching videos to see how to get the battery out. It is not obvious, there is a trick to it… After we finished our after-work coffee, we drove down to the Petco to jump my truck.

Oh. I forgot, BW was now convinced that I had heatstroke & was wanting me to go to the hospital. Yeah, my face was still a little red-it was more sunburn than anything else. Yeah, I was kinda talking slow, but that was because I had just awakened from the nap when she first got home. And I was telling the story slowly because I was editing it as I saw how upset (apalled) she was getting.

So we get to Petco & as soon as we started to attach the cables, we see that the wire-thing (harness?) that wraps around the positive terminal has way too much play in it. The truck starts right up with the cables. A man & his myabe 8 year old son walked up to help us, but we already had it going. It gave us both a good feeling that here was a good man , raising his son right, offering to help.

So I drive home & when I park, I decide to try the truck again & see if it will start. Nothing. This being Sunday, we decide to take the car to Nissan after BW gets off work on Monday. I don’t need to use the truck for anything-I already have the bread & catfood.

Monday, Eddie the floor guy calls to say they will come on Tuesday morning to start work on the floors.
BW gets home from work & we take the truck in & they have it ready in about an hour. It was just that wire harness thing. They replaced it for the cost of the part only!! I don’t think I’ve ever had a car repair bill that was $11.80! The other customer at the cashier counter asked to trade bills with me, ha. And they washed my truck, too.

Oh, yeah, I wasn’t going to lrt all that googling go to waste. We got a new battery for the key remote & changed it ourselves. It was probably time, anyway.

I’ll tell the motel & floor story later-it is still in progress.