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Paddy O'Furnijur, Fascista Ubriacone
Paddy O'Furnijur, Fascista Ubriacone
9 years ago

To kind friends and absent companions…
and to love, and marriage, and anniversaries!

9 years ago

Overnight Greetings!
This really isn’t Midnight Oil writing, but I’m up so this will have to do. Plus by the time I finish, it will be time for a new thread.

Dead truck & a long walk.

Sunday I drove to Petco for catfood. When I came out of the store, my truck was dead. I had jumper cables, but there was no one around. So I decided to walk home. It was a long walk. I don’t know if it was a mile or not. It felt like it. Oh, and it was sunny & around 1 pm, upper 90’s or 100. As I passed the Braum’s, I went in & got a loaf of bread, one of my other errrands. I left the two bags of cat food in the truck. I’m stupid, but not that stupid. I only sat down on a curb to rest in the shade once. It was too hard trying to get back up to do it again. Ha! Most of the “walk” was on a busy commercial street in the blazing sun. About a third was in shady residential neighborhoods. I staggered into the house & drank a bottle of water followed by 2 huge glasses of orange juice. Then I laid down for a nap.

When BW came home from work , she saw me & no truck & thought it had been stolen. I told her it was dead & that I walked home. She was NOT happy with me.
BW: Why didn’t you call me?
Me: I’m not having you come home from work to pick me up.
BW: Why didn’t you call a taxi?
Me: It never occurred to me. Besides, I left my phone at home.
BW: You passed a million phones on the way home! You can’t be doing this! We are 60 years old!
Me: No, we are not.

Then I decided that it must be the battery in the key remote that needed replacing. Much googling & watching videos to see how to get the battery out. It is not obvious, there is a trick to it… After we finished our after-work coffee, we drove down to the Petco to jump my truck.

Oh. I forgot, BW was now convinced that I had heatstroke & was wanting me to go to the hospital. Yeah, my face was still a little red-it was more sunburn than anything else. Yeah, I was kinda talking slow, but that was because I had just awakened from the nap when she first got home. And I was telling the story slowly because I was editing it as I saw how upset (apalled) she was getting.

So we get to Petco & as soon as we started to attach the cables, we see that the wire-thing (harness?) that wraps around the positive terminal has way too much play in it. The truck starts right up with the cables. A man & his myabe 8 year old son walked up to help us, but we already had it going. It gave us both a good feeling that here was a good man , raising his son right, offering to help.

So I drive home & when I park, I decide to try the truck again & see if it will start. Nothing. This being Sunday, we decide to take the car to Nissan after BW gets off work on Monday. I don’t need to use the truck for anything-I already have the bread & catfood.

Monday, Eddie the floor guy calls to say they will come on Tuesday morning to start work on the floors.
BW gets home from work & we take the truck in & they have it ready in about an hour. It was just that wire harness thing. They replaced it for the cost of the part only!! I don’t think I’ve ever had a car repair bill that was $11.80! The other customer at the cashier counter asked to trade bills with me, ha. And they washed my truck, too.

Oh, yeah, I wasn’t going to lrt all that googling go to waste. We got a new battery for the key remote & changed it ourselves. It was probably time, anyway.

I’ll tell the motel & floor story later-it is still in progress.