Caption Time! Allee-allee-all come free, it’s Caption Time!

The arts, politics, religion, living statues and even mimes…we’ll caption anything around here. Got your hopes up yet? Yeah, no, it’s politics again. Sigh.

A Smaller International Teeny Weenie Gesture Than Usually Found

He’s in the news again. Apparently Mr. Weiner feels that he would make a simply MAHvelous major for NYC, and I can’t honestly say that he wouldn’t be a suitable following act for Bloomberg.

He needs our help, though. Our help with a suitable campaign motto — so, please do your part and CAPTION THAT.

(Your hostess, BrendaK, is happily abuzz thanks to a happy time up to Kate’s happy place and the miracle of entirely new and happy Grand Margaritas.)

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The Squidward Institution for Facial Reconstruction

Last Friday’s Caption Contest: The Votening

Last week we captioned:

A fat boy in a starving land full of No Dongs.

Now, you will vote!

Winners will receive a free non-expense paid trip to Happy Larry-ville, GA where you will enjoy the lumpy guest mattress of your fabulous hosts, BrendaK and Fatwa. You will enjoy mowing their lawn twice a week, and will be treated to the best gruel in the South! With a biscuit! Just one biscuit, mind you. It’s not like we’re made of biscuits, you know.